Plumber Gets Lucky










Cocksure Men

Hunky Scott Harbor’s kitchen sink is leaking and he asks his buddy James Hamilton to help him fix it. James hurries over and takes a look. His big cock slips out of his shorts as he works under the sink and Scott can’t help but crave it. Scott grabs James’s cock and convinces the stud to let him suck it. He sucks long and slow, making his dick thick and firm. James face-fucks Scott and makes him gag. He asks to suck Scott and goes to work deep throating his pecker while stroking his own. Scott persuades James to stick his raw pole in his eager ass. The two studs fuck bareback in the kitchen. Scott puts one leg up on the stool and James pounds deeper. James leans back against the sink and lets Scott work his ass on his raw cock. Scott then lays on the stool with his back against the counter and lets James hammer away bareback at his hole. James Hamilton pulls out and shoots a hot load in and around Scott’s ass. Scott Harbor releases his load on himself and thanks James for “cleaning his pipes.”

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Southern Studs










Southern Strokes

Easton decided to use Southern Strokes as his coming out party so to speak. Not coming out as in gay but coming out as in taking it in the ass. Tuff guy Easton agreed to give it a go with our resident favorite; Tyler.

Tyler was pretty wound up especially when he found out that he was going to get to pop Easton’s cherry with that little monster of his. Tyler doesn’t pack the biggest heat but it’s always hard and ready to do it’s job.

The boys swapped head for a bit before Easton got on his back and spread his legs open wide and let Tyler have his way with him. Easton was more limber than we expected which gave us some great camera angles. Tyler’s hard cock managed to get deep inside Easton’s virgin hole.

The only thing left for Easton to do was to take Tyler’s seed. Tyler earned the right to give it to Easton any where he wanted after that long sweaty fuck session. Tyler barely pulled out in time before he shot his cum all over Easton’s hot hole.

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